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Formula 1 Newsletter

Email assets, template design & guidelines website for a series of email newsletters keeping fans engaged and up to date with the sport, often made at speed to keep the content reactive. The templates are designed to keep and clean editorial feel as you would find in a printed newsletter, but with some F1 grit.

See the case study below & a design focused breakdown of our work.

Team awards

Effie Europe Bronze Award

Marketing Society Brave Award
IPA Effectiveness Award (Bronze)

The One Show Award: Direct Marketing (Merit)

2020 DMA gold & silver

Email Headers

The equivalent of the newsletter front cover, a crash course in animation, reacting to briefs the same day and making these images or animated gifs alongside creative teams (and youtube tutorials)

Guidelines Website

The deadlines for the emails are always tight, so we needed to design a bank of templates and rules around how to use them. The challenge here is to keep things fresh and  dynamic to avoid having a very modular and generic looking email every week that people would stop engaging with.